9th Edition

By Robert Hisrich and Michael Peters and Dean Shepherd

  • Copyright: 2013

  • Publication Date: Sep 27 2012

  • ISBN 10: 0078029198

  • ISBN 13: 9780078029196



The 9th Edition of Entrepreneurship, by Robert Hisrich, Michael Peters and Dean Shepherd has been designed to clearly instruct students on the process of formulating, planning, and imple

The 9th Edition of Entrepreneurship, by Robert Hisrich, Michael Peters and Dean Shepherd has been designed to clearly instruct students on the process of formulating, planning, and implementing a new venture. Students are exposed to detailed descriptions of ‘how to’ embark on a new venture in a logical manner. Comprehensive cases at the end of the text have been hand-picked by the authors to go hand-in-hand with chapter concepts.

The superb author team of Hisrich, Peters, and Shepherd draw from their distinct backgrounds to create a book that addresses the dynamics of today’s entrepreneurial challenges. From Bob Hisrich’s expertise in global entrepreneurship to Mike Peter’s background as a both a real-life entrepreneur and academic to Dean Shepherd’s current research on cognition and entrepreneurial mindset, this book balances the crucial line between modern theory and practice.

  • Language: English

  • Imprint: Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  • Dimension: 8.5 x 10

  • Page Count: 640

New Features

  • Based on reviewer feedback objectives for chapter 1 have been revised, and content on bricolage and sustaining the environment has been added.
  • Chapter 2 has been re-ordered to enhance the focus on corporate entrepreneurship and it includes a revised discussion on entrepreneurial and project failure.
  • New! Section on “sustainable entrepreneurship” to conclude Chapter 1.
  • New and Updated Opening Profiles! To make Entrepreneurship meaningful as possible to students the authors have added new profiles and have updated and revised those to begin Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Russell Rothstein founder of Salesspider.com an online community site that assists small businesses in generating sales leads and making networking connections now open chapter 8, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, co-founders of Methods Products Inc, now open chapter 11 as it relates to the importance of creating a positive employee culture, and Richard Branson now opens chapter 12.
  • Updated information to incorporate changes in regulations such as the America Invents Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and international patent cooperative initiatives in chapter 6 are included; legal requirements and changes for establishing an LLC in chapter 9; expanded material on SBA loans and government grants in chapter 11; and updated the changes in law to declaring bankruptcy and statistical data on filings in chapter 15.
  • Revised and expanded focus on human resource challenges associated with growth, as well as managing pressures relating to time management in chapter 13.
  • New! Examples of business plan evaluation during weak economic times, updated sources of data for preparation of a business plan, and new material for the use of the internet in preparing a business plan in Chapter 7.
  • New! Six new end-of-book cases: Intelligent Leisure Solutions, Masi Technology, Mayu LLC, Supply Dynamics, Intervela Victory Sailmakers (B), and Tire Valet.
  • New Business Plan Pro helps students with its wizard based environment and walks students through the step-by-step process of the creation of a professional business plan. 68 sample plans provide guidance for students as they complete and integrated financials, real-world forecasting tools. There is also a grading sheet, built-in research data, and uses a SBA approved document format.
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Key Features

  • “As Seen in Business News” boxes are article excerpts from the business press that present current topics in entrepreneurship and allow students to analyze business opportunities and advise entrepreneurs.
  • Ethics boxes throughout provide real-world examples of how ethical issues relate to chapter topics. Always an important topic, ethics is critical in light of the various “Ponzi schemes” and other questionable practices in today’s business headlines.
  • Research tasks and class discussion questions at the end of each chapter encourage thinking and classroom debate.
  • A strong and up-to-date marketing chapter that emphasizes customer service, stronger marketing research and market segmentation
  • An increased emphasis on the presentation of the business plan to investors, the management team, and forecasting sales in the early stages of the start-up.
  • Continued integrated international coverage throughout the text and also contains a chapter dealing in International issues, a must for any textbook in this era.
  • Author team credentials. Dean Shepherd is a top academic researcher in entrepreneurship who also chairs the Doctoral Consortium for the Academy of Management, and is well known especially by younger faculty. Shepherd's research has been widely published in several books and leading journals, including The Academy of Management Review; Journal of Business Venturing and The Journal of Management. Robert Hisrich is one of the founding fathers of entrepreneurship education and one of the leading experts on international entrepreneurship, and Michael Peters is an academic and real life entrepreneur who brings a practical orientation to the book.






Part I: The Entrepreneurial Perspective

1. Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set

2. Entrepreneurial Intentions and Corporate Entrepreneurship

3. Entrepreneur

Table of Contents


Part I: The Entrepreneurial Perspective

1. Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set

2. Entrepreneurial Intentions and Corporate Entrepreneurship

3. Entrepreneurial Strategy: Generating and Exploiting New Entries

Part II: From Idea to Opportunity

4. Creativity and the Business Idea

5. Identifying and Analyzing Domestic and International Opportunities

6. Intellectual Property and Other Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur

Part III: From the Opportunity to the Business Plan

7. The Business Plan: Creating and Starting the Venture

8. The Marketing Plan

9. The Organizational Plan

10. The Financial Plan

Part IV: From the Business Plan to Funding the Venture

11. Sources of Capital

12. Informal Risk Capital, Venture Capital, and Going Public

Part V: From Funding the Venture to Launching, Growing and Ending the New Venture

13. Strategies for Growth and Managing the Implication of Growth

14. Accessing Resources for Growth from External Sources

15. Succession Planning and Strategies for Harvesting and Ending the Venture

Part VI: Cases

Case 1 – Turner Test Prep Co.

Case 2 – Jim Boothe, Inventor

Case 3 – A. Monroe Lock and Security Systems

Case 4 – Beijing Sammies

Case 5 – Intelligent Leisure Solutions

Case 6 – The Beach Carrier

Case 7 – Gourmet to Go

Case 8 A – Intervela D.o.o. Kooper - Victory Sailmakers

Case 8 B – Intervela Victory Sailmakers

Case 9 - The Gril-Kleen Corporation

Case 10 – Masi Technology

Case 11 – NeoMed Technologies

Case 12 – Mayu LLC

Case 13 – Nature Bros. Ltd.

Case 14 – Amy's Bread

Case 15 – Supply Dynamics

Case 16 – Datavantage Corporation

Case 17 – Tire Valet: A Mobile Tire Company



About the Authors

Robert Hisrich

Robert D. Hisrich is the Garvin Professor of Global Entrepreneurship and Director of the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship at Thunderbird. He is also president of H&B Associates, a marketing and management consulting firm he founded.<br><br> Professor Hisrich received his B.A. from DePauw University, his M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Cincinnati, and honorary doctorate degrees from Chuvash State University (Russia) and the University of Miskolc (Hungary). Prior to joining Thunderbird, Dr. Hisrich held the A. Malachi Mixon, III Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Hisrich was a Fulbright Professor at the International Management Center in Budapest, Hungary in 1989. In 1990-91 he was again named a Fulbright Professor in Budapest at the Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development, where he also held the Alexander Hamilton Chair in Entrepreneurship. Dr. Hisrich has held visiting professorships at: the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia); the Technical University of Vienna (Austria); the University of Limerick (Ireland); the Queensland University of Technology (Australia); The University of Puerto Rico; and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.<br> <br> He has authored or co-authored twenty-five books, including Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Managing a New Enterprise (translated into nine languages and now in its seventh edition), The 13 Biggest Mistakes that Derail Small Businesses and How to Avoid Them and Marketing. Dr. Hisrich has written over 300 articles on entrepreneurship, international business management, and venture capital, which have appeared in such journals as The Academy of Management Review, California Management Review, Columbia Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Venturing, Sloan Management Review, and Small Business Economics. He has served on the editorial boards of The Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Small Business Management, and Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship. Besides designing and delivering management and entrepreneurship programs to U.S. and foreign businesses and governments, particularly in transition economies, Dr. Hisrich has instituted academic and training programs such as the university/industry training program in Hungary, a high school teachers entrepreneurship training program in Russia, an Institute of International Entrepreneurship and Management in Russia, and an Entrepreneurship Center in Ukraine.

Michael Peters

Michael Peters is currently marketing department chair and Professor at Boston College. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Dean Shepherd