6th Edition | See Newer Edition

By Angelo Kinicki and Brian Williams

  • Copyright: 2013

  • Publication Date: Sep 14 2012

  • ISBN 10: 0078029546

  • ISBN 13: 9780078029547



Blending research, practical application, and imaginative writing, Arizona State University business professor Angelo Kinicki (author of Kreitner/Kinicki Organizational Behavior 10e) and writer

Blending research, practical application, and imaginative writing, Arizona State University business professor Angelo Kinicki (author of Kreitner/Kinicki Organizational Behavior 10e) and writer Brian Williams (author of Williams/Sawyer Using Information Technology 7e) have created a market-leading text through highly-readable writing, an emphasis on practicality, and a unique student-centered layout. The authors present all basic management concepts in bite-size chunks, 2-to 6-page sections to optimize student learning and emphasize the practicality of the subject matter. This text is widely praised by today’s visually-oriented students. In addition, instructors and students are supplied with a wealth of classroom-proven resources.

  • Language: English

  • Imprint: Irwin/McGraw-Hill

  • Dimension: 8.5 x 10.9

  • Page Count: 672

New Features

  • New Management in Action cases! New Management in Action cases have been added to Kinicki’s Management: A Practical Introduction! These cases provide engaging context and application of the theories presented in the chapter. Some of the new cases include: Target’s attempt to overcome the problem of “show-rooming” (Ch. 1); Carnival CEO’s failure to provide interviews after the Costa Concordia tragedy (Ch. 3); Elekrobit Corp. striving to make foreign assignments good experiences for their employees (Ch. 4); and JCPenney’s changing its competitive strategy (Ch. 6). Additional cases cover current companies such as Boeing, Verizon, and SAP.
  • Updated Manager’s Toolbox! These toolboxes open each chapter and offer readers practical advice pertaining to the chapter they are about to read to help motivate students to engage with the material
  • New Ethical/Legal Challenge boxes! Formerly entitled Ethical Dilemma, these boxes have been added to keep students engaged by the most current, relevant topics today. New example includes: Should Facebook take a more proactive approach in mentoring the children’s online privacy protection act?
  • New Example boxes! Updated example boxes can be found throughout the 6e! These boxes provide context to the material being covered in the class, so that the it is more relevant to students
  • New Chapter Sections! New chapter sections have been added for the 6e! The Uses of “Big Data” has been added (Ch. 7), which dives further into data analytics. Also, New Labor Management Issues (Ch. 9) has been added to chapter 9
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  • Correlation Guide:

    This convenient guide matches the issues in Taking Sides: Management, 4/e with the corresponding chapters in our best-selling McGraw-Hill Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Management, and International Business textbooks.

  • Correlation Guide:

    This convenient guide matches the units in Annual Editions: Management, 17/e with the corresponding chapters in four of our best-selling McGraw-Hill Management textbooks by Kinicki/Williams, Bateman/Snell, Jones/George, and Ghillyer.

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Key Features

  • Unique Layout & Formatting to Reinforce Learning: Chapter sections are arranged in easily-digestible sections, offering smaller units of study to enhance reader motivation and optimize learning. Each section starts at the top of a new page and is followed by a Major Question that addresses students’ concerns about “what am I about to learn?” This helps students read with purpose. This is followed by a brief Big Picture, which previews the section to come. The authors frequently use advance organizers, bulleted lists, and headings to help students grasp the main idea.
  • Remediation and Practice: To support various learning styles and help students see connections between concepts, this text directs students to activities online available as part of Connect: Management. Online, this text provides Interactive Application materials that reinforce concepts, help students get to know themselves through self-assessments, and help them apply what they’ve learned to interactive exercises from the Manager’s Hot Seat, Test Your Knowledge and Group Exercises Galleries.
  • Emphasis on Practicality
    The main theme of the book is practicality. The text offers a great deal of practical advice, of the sort found in the general business press, expressed in the following ways:
    • The Manager’s Toolbox opens each chapter and offers readers practical advice pertaining to the chapter they’re about to read, in order to motivate students to be more receptive to the forthcoming material
    • Practical Action boxes throughout the text also offer practical advice that the students will be able to use now and as they move into their careers
    • Self-Assessment exercises enable students to personally apply chapter content
  • Readability for Learning: Imaginative writing, research shows, greatly enhances reader recall (study by M. Graves, U. Minnesota, and W. Slater, U. Maryland). Using Brian Williams’s professional writing skills, this text employs a number of journalistic devices, such as the short biographical sketch, the colorful fact, the apt direct quote—all based on real-world sources—to make material interesting. In addition, major ideas are presented in bite-size form, with generous use of advance organizers, bulleted lists, and new paragraphing when a new idea is introduced. Key terms are printed in boldface with yellow highlighting and their definitions are printed all in boldface. The names of important management theorists and scholars also appear in boldface. Photo captions are carefully written to add substantive material and be pedagogically relevant to the information in the nearby text; often such captions conclude with critical thinking questions.
  • Entrepreneurship Coverage: Chapter 1 includes coverage of Entrepreneurship to draw students in and emphasize the importance of this topic.
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  • Interactive Presentations are designed to reinforce learning by offering a visual presentation of the learning objectives highlighted in every chapter of the text. Interactive presentations are engaging, online, professional presentations (fully Section 508 compliant) covering the same core concepts directly from the chapter, while offering additional examples and graphics. These presentations teach students learning objectives in a multimedia format, bringing the course to life. They are a great prep tool for students – when a student is better prepared, they are more engaged and better able to participate in class.
  • Interactive Applications provided for each chapter of the textbook allow students to “do” management, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students receive immediate feedback and can track their progress in their own report. The following types of Interactive Applications are book-specific and developed specifically for Management 6e: Video Case, Drag and Drop, Self-Assessment, Decision Generator, Case Analysis, and Comprehension Case.
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  • AACSB Statement
    The McGraw-Hill Companies is a proud corporate member of AACSB International. Understanding the importance and value of AACSB accreditation, this text recognizes the curricula guidelines detailed in the AACSB standards for business accreditation by connecting selected questions in the test bank to the six general knowledge and skill guidelines in the AACSB standards. The statements contained in this text are provided only as a guide for the users of this textbook. The AACSB leaves content coverage and assessment within the purview of individual schools, the mission of the school, and the faculty. While Management and the teaching package make no claim of any specific AACSB qualification or evaluation, we have within Management, labeled selected questions according to the six general knowledge and skills areas.









Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It

Chapter 2: Management Theory: Essential Background for the Successful Manager


Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It

Chapter 2: Management Theory: Essential Background for the Successful Manager

Part 2: the Environment of Management

Chapter 3: The Manager’s Changing Work Environment & Ethical Responsibilities: Doing the Right Thing

Chapter 4: Global Management: Managing Across Borders

Part 3: Planning

Chapter 5: Planning

Chapter 6: Strategic Management: How Exceptional Managers Realize a Grand Design

Chapter 7: Individual & Group Decision Making: How Managers Make Things Happen

Part 4: Organizing

Chapter 8: Organizational Culture, Structure, & Design: Building Blocks of the Organization

Chapter 9: Human Resource Management: Getting the Right People for Managerial Success

Chapter 10: Organizational Change & Innovation: Lifelong Challenges for the Exceptional Manager

Part 5: Leading

Chapter 11: Managing Individual Differences & Behavior: Supervising People as People

Chapter 12: Motivating Employees: Achieving Superior Performance in the Workplace

Chapter 13: Groups & Teams: Increasing Cooperating, Reducing Conflict

Chapter 14: Power, Influence, & Leadership: From Becoming a Manager to Becoming a Leader

Chapter 15: Interpersonal & Organizational Communication: Mastering the Exchange of Information

Part 6: Controlling

Chapter 16: Control & Quality Control Improvement: Techniques for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness



About the Authors

Angelo Kinicki

Angelo Kinicki is a professor of management at Arizona State University. He received the Instructor of the Year Award for executive Education from the center for executive development in the college of business administration at ASU.

Brian Williams