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MySQL: The Complete Reference

1st Edition
Publication Date: Dec 18, 2003
ISBN:0072224770 / 9780072224771
Language: English
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Imprint: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Dimensions: 9.1 X 7.4 Inches (US)
Main Description
Get comprehensive coverage of all the powerful new features of MySQL, one of the fastest--and free--relational databases in use today. Written in conjunction with the MySQL development team, this expert resource covers transactional integrity, disaster recovery, scalability, support for mobile users, Web-based and client/server programming, and much more.

Part I: Installation

1: Introduction to Databases

2: A Technical Tour of MySQL

3: MySQL Installation and Configuration

Part II: Usage

4: SQL Basics

5: MySQL Data Types

6: MySQL Operators

7: MySQL Functions

8: Working with Databases and Tables

9: Working with Data

10: Joins

11: Subqueries

12: Transactions

Part III: Administration

13: Administration and Configuration

14: Security, Access Control, and Privileges

15: Maintenance, Backup, and Recovery

16: Performance Optimization

17: MySQL Replication

Part IV: Development

18: The MySQL APIs

19: MySQL and C

20: MySQL and Perl

21: MySQL and PHP

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