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Theories of Personality

7th Edition
Publication Date: Jul 15, 2008
ISBN:0073382701 / 9780073382708
Language: English
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Imprint: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Dimensions: 9.1 X 7.5 Inches (US)
Main Description
The 7th edition of this trusted introduction to personality centers on the premise that personality theories are a reflection of the unique cultural background, family experiences, personalities, and professional training of their originators. The book begins by acquainting students with the meaning of personality and providing them with a solid foundation for understanding the nature of theory, as well as its crucial contributions to science. The chapters that follow present twenty-three major theories: coverage of each theory also encompasses a biographical sketch of each theorist, related research, and applications to real life. The primary focus of this revision was updating the theory chapters to reflect the most recent research.

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Personality Theory

Part II: Psychodynamic Theories

Chapter 2: Freud: Psychoanalysis

Chapter 3: Adler: Individual Psychology

Chapter 4: Jung: Analytical Psychology

Chapter 5: Klein: Object Relations Theory

Chapter 6: Horney: Psychoanalytic Social Theory

Chapter 7: Fromm: Humanistic Psychoanalysis

Chapter 8: Sullivan: Interpersonal Theory

Chapter 9: Erikson: Post-Freudian Theory

Part III: Humanistic/Existential Theories

Chapter 10: Maslow: Holistic-Dynamic Theory

Chapter 11: Rogers: Person-Centered Theory

Chapter 12: May: Existential Psychology

Part IV: Dispositional Theories

Chapter 13: Allport: Psychology of the Individual

Chapter 14: Eysenck, McCrae, and Costa's Factor and Trait Theories

Part V: Learning Theories

Chapter 15: Skinner: Behavioral Analysis

Chapter 16: Bandura: Social Cognitive Theory

Chapter 17: Rotter and Mischel: Cognitive Social Learning Theory

Chapter 18: Kelly: Psychology of Personal Constructs

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