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Crafting & Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases

19th Edition
Publication Date: Jan 17, 2013
ISBN:0078029503 / 9780078029509
Language: English
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Imprint: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Dimensions: 10.2 X 8.1 Inches (US)
Main Description
The distinguishing mark of the 19th edition is its enriched and enlivened presentation of the material in each of the 12 chapters, providing an as up-to-date and engrossing discussion of the core concepts and analytical tools as you will find anywhere. There is an accompanying line-up of exciting new cases that bring the content to life and are sure to provoke interesting classroom discussions, deepening students' understanding of the material in the process. While this 19th edition retains the 12-chapter structure of the prior edition, every chapter –indeed every paragraph and every line – has been re-examined, refined, and refreshed. New content has been added to keep the material in line with the latest developments in the theory and practice of strategic management. In other areas, coverage has been trimmed to keep the book at a more manageable size. Scores of new examples have been added, along with 16 new Illustration Capsules, to enrich understanding of the content and to provide students with a ringside view of strategy in action. The result is a text that cuts straight to the chase in terms of what students really need to know and gives instructors a leg up on teaching that material effectively. It remains, as always, solidly mainstream and balanced, mirroring both the penetrating insight of academic thought and the pragmatism of real-world strategic management.

Thompson 19e, your best case scenario!

Part One: Concepts and Techniques for Crafting and Executing Strategy

Section A: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important?

Chapter 2: Charting a Company's Direction: Its Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategy

Section B: Core Concepts and Analytical Tools

Chapter 3: Evaluating a Company's External Environment

Chapter 4: Evaluating a Company's Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness

Section C: Crafting a Strategy

Chapter 5: The Five Generic Competitive Strategies

Chapter 6: Strengthening a Company's Competitive Position

Chapter 7: Strategies for Competing in International Markets

Chapter 8: Corporate Strategy

Chapter 9: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, and Strategy

Section D: Executing the Strategy

Chapter 10: Building an Organisation Capable of Good Strategy Execution

Chapter 11: Managing Internal Operations

Chapter 12: Corporate Culture and Leadership

Part Two: Cases in Crafting and Executing Strategy

Section A: Crafting Strategy in Single-Business Companies

Case 1: Mystic Monk Coffee

Case 2: Costco Wholesale in 2012: Mission, Business Model, and Strategy

Case 3: Harry Lindsol's Textbook decision: An Ebook or a Traditional College Textbook

Case 4: Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar

Case 5: Under Armour – Challenging Nike in Sports Apparel

Case 6: lulumon athletica, Inc.

Case 7: Coach Inc. in 2012: It's Strategy in the “Accessible” Luxury Goods Market

Case 8: Tiffany's Little Blue Box: Does It Have Any Strategic Significance?

Case 9: Panera Bread Company in 2012 – Pursuing Growth in a Weak Economy

Case 10: Chipolte Mexican Grill in 2012: Can It Hit a Second Home Run?

Case 11: Netflix in 2012: Can It Recover from Its Strategy Missteps?

Case 12: Equal Exchange: Trading Fairly and Making a Profit

Case 13: Google's Strategy in 2012

Case 14: Apple Inc. in 2012: Can it Sustain its Growth and Defend against New Competitive Threats?

Case 15: The State Fair of Virginia

Case 16: Eastman Kodak in 2012: Will Its Post-Bankruptcy Strategy Be Successful?

Case 17: Nucor Corporation in 2012: Using Economic Downturns as an Opportunity to Grow Stronger

Case 18: Tata Motors: Can It Become a Global Contender in the Automobile Industry?

Case 19: 7-Eleven in Taiwan: Adaptation of Convenience Stores to New Market Environments

Section B: Crafting Strategy in Diversified Companies

Case 20: The Walt Disney Company: Its Diversification Strategy in 2012

Case 21: Kraft Foods Inc.: Will the Spinoff of Its North American Grocery Business Lead to Increased Shareholder Value?

Section C: Implementing and Executing Strategy

Case 22: Robin Hood

Case 23: Dilemma at Devil's Den

Case 24: Starbucks in 2012: Evolving into a Dynamic Global Organisation

Case 25: Herman Miller Inc. in 2012: An Ongoing Case of Reinvention and Renewal

Case 26: Henkel: Building a Winning Culture

Case 27: Bayonne Packaging, Inc.

Section D: Strategy, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

Case 28: Rhino Sales, Hunting, and Poaching in South Africa

Case 29: The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster

Case 30: Frog's Leap Winery in 2011 – the Sustainability Agenda

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