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LSC LS5 (OSU) E-Comm Writing for College (Commonplace)

7th Edition
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2011
ISBN:0078031915 / 9780078031915
Language: English
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Imprint: Learning Solutions Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
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Main Description
Do you ever wonder why you spend all quarter writing a paper than only one person will ever read? Are you tired of research assignments that seem to go nowhere? Or classmates who just don't care?

We are too.

So here's the online, peer-edited journal of undergraduate research and criticism. And, more importantly, here (on this page) are the training materials for Commonplace: our User's Guide to Persuasion (for an Age that Desperately Needs One) and an access code to Commonplace's one-of-a-kind, automated, anonymous peer-review network. (Seriously: no one else has this stuff. You'll learn a ton: about writing, about research, about editing, about how to talk to each other – honestly -- about editing, researching, and writing.)

Get these things. Show up to the first day of class with them. Become part of Commonplace.
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