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Social Psychology

2nd Edition
Publication Date: Jul 1, 2011
ISBN:0335240992 / 9780335240999
Language: English
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Imprint: Open University Press Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Dimensions: 9.8 X 7.6 Inches (US)
Main Description
"This is an excellent textbook that should be compulsory reading for any undergraduate student of Social Psychology. Wendy Stainton Rogers has done a remarkable job of synthesising theories within these broad approaches. She has used her vast experience in distance learning to write a book that draws students in and has them reading, simply because the material is so very interesting. Although Stainton Rogers outlines the British Psychological Society’s requirements for an undergraduate course in Social Psychology at the beginning of the book, this textbook is relevant far beyond the context of the United Kingdom."
Catriona Macleod, Professor of Psychology, Rhodes University, South Africa

In the brave new world of Facebook and Twitter, our social, political and personal worlds are all profoundly changing. To be relevant to our lives today, Social Psychology needs to be transformed. This popular book has been radically revised to do just that.

Extensively updated and expanded, this new edition contains a broad grounding in traditional experimental work and a thorough treatment of the different 'logics of inquiry' adopted for empirical research. The book also:

  • Introduces two completely new chapters, one on relationships and another on prejudice
  • Updates and reformulates all the other material, introducing chapters on quantitative and qualitative methods, critical psychology and values
  • Includes a wide array of critical approaches - community, feminist, postcolonial, psychoanalytic social psychologies
  • Addresses social psychology from an international perspective, drawing on work from Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, Asia
  • Includes section summaries, further reading, online resources and questions
  • Showcases the work of a new and vibrant generation of social psychologists
  • Covers the BPS recommendations for the social psychology syllabus The book breaks new ground in the topics it covers and in the innovative approach it takes to assessing them. For students and their teachers alike, the book brings a 'breath of fresh air', making it not just a valuable resource, but an intriguing and enjoyable read.
  • Preface
    Guided tour
    British Psychological Society guidelines for topics that should be included in courses on social psychology
    How to use this book

    SECTION 1 Foundations and principles
    What is social psychology?
    The foundations of experimental and critical social psychology
    An introduction to critical social psychology

    SECTION 2 Methods and analytics
    Quantitative research in social psychology
    Qualitative research in social psychology

    SECTION 3 Social cognition and construction
    Communication and language in social psychology
    Social cognition, social perception and attribution
    Attitudes and behaviour

    SECTION 4 Social identities and relationships
    Social selves and social identities
    The social psychology of relationships

    SECTION 5 Communities, groups and intergroup processes
    The social psychology of groups
    The social psychology of prejudice

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    Subject Index

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