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Business Law

16th Edition

By: Jane Mallor , A. James Barnes , Arlen Langvardt , Jamie Darin Prenkert , Martin A. McCrory

© 2016

Published: February 25, 2015

Throughout its 80 years of existence, this book has been a leader and an innovator in the fi elds of business law and the legal environment of business. One reason for the book’s success is its clear and comprehensive treatment of the standard topics that form the traditional business law curriculum. Another reason is its responsiveness to changes in these traditional subjects and to new views about that curriculum. In 1976, this textbook was the fi rst to inject regulatory materials into a business law textbook, defi ning the “legal environment” approach to business law. Over the years, this textbook has also pioneered by introducing materials on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, global legal issues, and e-commerce law. The 16th Edition continues to emphasize change by integrating these four areas into its pedagogy