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You Code It! Abstracting Case Studies Practicum

3rd Edition

By: Shelley Safian , Mary Johnson

© 2017

Published: January 14, 2016

You Code It! Abstracting Case Studies Practicum provides extensive coding practice for students to expand their training and experience. The case studies and patient records provide exercises and sample patient records for more than 25 specialties for focused coding practice. In addition, students can use this book for preparation to sit for a national certification exam or going to a job interview. This workbook provides extensive, hands-on practice for learning to code. The cases in this book are real patient charts (redacted) from physicians’ offices and hospitals in different parts of the country. It is a student-friendly workbook presenting case studies for the practice of abstracting health care professionals’ documentation and accurately translating the facts into the best, most accurate codes. With the third edition, the case studies activities can now be completed in Connect, McGraw-Hill’s online assignment and assessment solution!