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Medical Language for Modern Health Care

4th Edition

By: David Allan , Rachel Basco

© 2019

Published: February 23, 2018

Medical Language for Modern Health Care, Fourth Edition, uses a contextual learning approach to introduce medical terminology within a healthcare environment. Chapters are broken into lessons that present and define terminology through the context of anatomy and physiology, pathology, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures as well as pharmacology. The text covers one topic at a time, offering contextual content, tables, and exercises all in one place. Word analysis and definition tables provide a color-coded guide to word parts deconstruction, definitions, and pronunciations. Lessons are organized to present structure, function, disorders, procedures, and pharmacology. With unfolding patient case studies, students see real-life application of medical terminology through an introduction to various roles in the healthcare environment. BodyAnimat3D integrated 3D animations help students visualize the most difficult concepts, with pre- and post-assessment questions for every animation. New to This Edition • The content is focused on the terminology of anatomy and physiology, diseases, disorders, symptoms, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and pharmacology. • The up-to-date content is more precise, with new terms and their definitions. • Each content area and exercise set is tagged with its corresponding chapter learning outcome. • More than 50 percent of the books artwork and photos have been replaced with more current and relevant images. • The terms defined in the book have been reviewed for relevance against the provisional new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and the new ICDM-5. • In each of the chapters on body systems, new sections detailing diagnostic procedures, therapeutic procedures, and pharmacology have been added. • Additional activities and all new questions have been added to the materials on Connect.