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Introduction to Mass Communication

11th Edition

By: Stanley Baran

© 2021

Published: January 06, 2020

In today’s media rich world, Introduction to Mass Communication keeps media literacy and culture at its core. Using examples of the past to show how mass communications got their roots and keeping current with the presents emerging technologies and trends, Introduction to Mass Communication gives students a deeper understanding of the role media plays in both shaping and reflecting culture. By understanding and evaluating the ways in which media convergence is changing the landscape of media today, students are encouraged to think critically about their own roles in society as active media consumers. Through this cultural perspective, students learn that audience members are as much a part of the mass communication process as are the media technologies and industries. The eleventh edition maintains its commitment to enhancing students’ critical thinking and media literacy skills. New and updated material, such as the discussion of fake news, the #MeToo movement, and the growth of the Internet of Things, reflects the latest developments in digital technologies and highlights the most current research in the field.