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3rd Edition

By: Ana María Pérez-Gironés , Virginia Adán-Lifante

© 2019

Published: January 03, 2018

MÁS is an Intermediate Spanish program built on the assumption that students learn best when they are fully engaged. Each component of the MÁS experience is designed to spark curiosity and inspire critical thinking. Mas provides intriguing and timely cultural content throughout and a solid review of structures covered in the first year. A newly enhanced Tertulia section in each chapter also places a strong emphasis on open-ended communication, ensuring that students benefit from a wealth of opportunities for communicative practice both in class and online. Through its diverse and lively view of the Spanish speaking world Mas motivates a new generation of students to be inspired to communicate in Spanish. When paired with McGraw-Hill’s Connect platform Mas provides a winning combination of engaging content and extensive practice to help students meet second-year expectations. Engaging & Relevant Video & Cultural Content The new "En Pantalla" feature is an engaging collection of videos designed to interest and engage students by including a mix of journalistic reports, informational videos, and short films that represent the variety of videos people typically watch daily. These videos will help make the language meaningful to their everyday interactions with family, friends, and fellow students. "En la comunidad" (formally En tu comunidad) sections focus on real, target-language based tasks that students can easily perform, and which emphasize the idea that community extends beyond the immediate community or neighborhood and to across the globe. This latest edition now also contains authentic "Minilecturas" and "Lecturas" with authentic culture and language content, and unit 4 has been revised to focus on more relevant and engaging cultural topics, all making the reading throughout more intriguing and relevant for students. Expanded Communication Practice A newly enhanced Tertulia section in each chapter ensures students benefit from a wealth of opportunities for communicative practice both in and out of class. Increased Practice Activities in Textbook and Online Now at least four activities for each grammatical lesson, providing students more opportunities to strengthen skills and communicate in a meaningful way. This increased number of activities gives students more opportunities to put newly acquired grammar concepts into practice. The ¿Cuándo se dice? (formerly ¡No te equivoques!) Redacción writing activities throughout the text include strategies for writing with embedded pertinent grammar lessons so students can more soundly build upon previous knowledge as they write. McGraw-Hill's Connect platform now also contains an expanded selection of auto-graded practice and comprehension activities to help ensure that students are coming to class prepared to use the language and communicate in class. LearnSmart modules within connect provide students with an effective personalized and adaptive learning tool that assesses each students trouble spots and provides practice for strengthening those particular areas. These modules have been updated to closely align with the vocabulary and grammar of this latest edition. Content available on the Go With the McGraw-Hill's Connect & Read Anywhere apps students can now access their course content anywhere, anytime; improving their homework & reading experience and improving overall course performance.