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Experience Music

5th Edition

By: Katherine Charlton

© 2019

Published: January 03, 2018

With McGraw-Hill Connect® Music, students can experience music personally. Connect Music is the most successful digital platform in music: a truly integrated teaching and learning program that provides both one-click access to the program’s music selections and interactive exercises that focus on the listening process. Katherine Charlton has drawn on her extensive experience in the classroom to create a listening experience that motivates and engages students. Connect Music ensures that students can come to class confident and prepared, as they develop the active listening skills they need for success in the course and a lifetime of more meaningful musical experiences. Experience Personalized Playlists Recognizing musical elements in a piece a student has never heard before is a learned skill. Experience Music helps students develop that skill by providing an avenue into the musical elements through music they are already familiar with. McGraw-Hill has partnered with Spotify®, the service that allows you to stream music for free and build playlists containing your favorite songs. Experience Music On the Go In Connect Music, all the audio selections discussed in the text’s Featured Listenings and Listening Guides are available via a simple streaming player and through newly-designed interactive Listening Guides. The interactive Listening Guides provide a guided listening experience that trains the student listener’s ear by pointing out meaningful elements, themes, and instrumentation in each work. Now optimized for tablets, students can experience listening whenever and wherever they go. Experience Personalized Grading, Made Easier The first and only analytics tool of its kind, Connect Insight™ is a series of visual data displays that provides at-a-glance information regarding how your class is doing. Designed for mobile devices, Connect Insight travels from office to classroom, available on demand wherever or whenever it’s needed. Experience Music the Way You Want to Teach It Through McGraw-Hill Create, a newly revised Rock Music chapter is available for instructors who want more focus on this genre—Katherine Charlton’s area of expertise. McGraw-Hill Create allows instructors to create a customized print book or eBook tailored to their course and syllabus. Create-only concert reports are also available by genre for instructors who want to include worksheets that guide students through this popular course exercise.