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Customer Service Skills for Success

7th Edition

By: Robert Lucas

© 2019

Published: January 04, 2018

Recipient of the 2017 Textbook and Academic Authors Association's Textbook Excellence Award, Customer Service Skills for Success by Robert W. Lucas, now in its seventh edition, is the top-selling customer service textbook in the United States. Lucas addresses real-world customer service issues and provides a variety of updated resources, activities, examples, and tips from active professionals in the industry to gain and hold readers' interest while providing insights into the concepts and skills related to customer service. The text begins with a macro view of what customer service involves today and provides projections for the future; it then focuses on specific skills and related topics. Each of the three parts focuses on a different aspect of customer service: (1) The Profession, (2) Skills for Success, and (3) Building and Maintaining Relationships. Readers will encounter interviews with real-world service providers, case study scenarios, and activities to teach them to apply these concepts to real-world situations. New to This Edition • New Customer Service interviews are included. • Updated research and statistics are incorporated throughout the text. • New Words to Live By quotes appear at the end of each chapter's Quick Preview section. • Chapters feature updated Trending Now sections. • Chapter openings spotlight In the Real World case studies. • Search It Out activity resources have been added.