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Anatomy, Physiology, & Disease

2nd Edition

By: Deborah Roiger , Nia Bullock

© 2019

Published: January 12, 2018

In Roiger/Bullock, connections are made between systems sothat students learn how the body functions normally in homeostasis, and howdisruption of homeostasis leads to disease and disorder. With a straightforwardwriting style that engages the reader directly, the authors explain difficultconcepts in the context of routine activities, making concepts easier to grasp.A completely revised art program makes the content more inviting and facilitatesstudent comprehension. Measureable learning outcomes throughout the textbook,workbook, and digital learning and assessment program help direct studentsthrough the content so that there are no surprises. Anatomy & PhysiologyREVEALED icons indicate correlations throughout each chapter to relevant APRimages and content. Roiger and Bullock’s text requires no prior knowledge ofchemistry or cell biology, and is designed for a one-semester, entry-levelA&P course.