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Payroll Accounting 2021

7th Edition

By: Jeanette Landin , Paulette Schirmer

© 2021

Published: September 08, 2020

A modernapproach to payroll accounting, Landin and Schirmer's Payroll 2021 provides a"practitioners view" of this highly specialized area of accounting.Incorporating examples of real-world companies, Payroll 2021 highlights therelevance of the course in its coverage of issues that students will face intheir careers, such as labor planning and labor costs. Whether you are teachingface-to-face, hybrid, or online, Payroll 2021 is flexible enough to be used incourses as short as three weeks and as long as fifteen weeks. Connect providesmultiple opportunities for students to build their skills through practice,including exercise sets at the end of each chapter, auto-graded payroll and taxforms, and guided example hint videos that offer students an animatedwalk-through with narration of select exercises similar to those assigned toreinforce material. The Continuing Payroll Project in each chapter and aComprehensive Project that encompasses an entire quarter of payroll accountingtopics are both assignable through Connect as well.