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Essential Statistics in Business and Economics

3rd Edition

By: David Doane , Lori Seward

© 2020

Published: January 14, 2019

The Third Edition of Essential Statistics in Business and Economics was written to meet four distinct objectives. Objective 1: Communicate the Meaning of Variation in a Business Context Variation exists everywhere in the world around us and successful businesses know how to measure variation. This text shows how businesses know how to tell when variation should be responded to and when it should be left alone. Objective 2: Use Realistic Business Applications The text offers examples, case studies, and problems from current research or real applications whenever possible. Hypothetical data are used when it seems the best way to illustrate a concept. Objective 3: Incorporate Current Statistical Practices and Offer Practical Advice With the increased reliance on computers and data analytics, statistics practitioners have changed the way they use statistical tools. The text shows the current practices and explains why they are used the way they are, and tells you when each technique should not be used. Objective 4: Provide More In-Depth Explanation of the Why and Let the Software Take Care of the How Today's technology makes it easier to summarize and communicate with data than ever before. The text demonstrates easily mastered techniques with commonly available software. The authors emphasize the idea of risks in decision making and that risks should be quantified and considered in business decisions.