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Business and Administrative Communication

12th Edition

By: Kitty Locker , Jo Mackiewicz , Jeanine Aune , Donna Kienzler

© 2019

Published: September 20, 2018

Business and Administrative Communication 12e is Flexible, Specific, Interesting, Comprehensive, and Up-to-Date. Business and Administrative Communication 12e takes a situational approach to audience, purpose and context, empowering students to shape their messages appropriately for all channels and purposes. BAC Is Flexible The 12th edition of BAC, like its predecessors, is flexible. You can choose the chapters and exercises that best fit your needs: in-class exercises, messages to revise, problems with hints, and cases presented as they’d arise in the workplace. Many problems offer several options: small group discussions, individual writing, group writing, or oral presentations. BAC Is Specific The 12th edition of BAC retains specificity in its strategies, guidelines, and examples. It includes both annotated examples and paired good and bad examples. BAC Is Interesting Anecdotes and examples from a variety of fields show business communication at work. BAC Is Comprehensive BAC covers international communication, communicating across cultures in this country, ethics, collaborative writing, organizational cultures, visuals and data displays, and technology as well as traditional concerns such as style and organization. Assignments offer practice dealing with international audiences or coping with ethical dilemmas. Analyses of sample problems prepare students to succeed in assignments. BAC Is Up-to-Date The 12th edition of BAC incorporates the latest business communication research and cases.