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Microsoft Office 365: A Skills Approach, 2019 Edition

1st Edition

By: Inc. Triad Interactive

© 2020

Published: August 13, 2019

Overview Microsoft® Office Skills on Demand! Microsoft® Office 365/2019: A Skills Approach provides a unique approach to learning Office Suite by isolating skills for customized learning. Authored by the platform developers of SIMnet, McGraw-Hill Education's online training and assessment program, this textbook has 1:1 content with SIMnet activities and content. As a result, students have access to specific, isolated skills which promotes customized learning and makes Microsoft®Office 365/2019: A Skills Approach the most flexible book on the market. Additionally, the approach uses consolidated instruction with fewer steps to explain each skill, resulting in agile learning for today's busy students! Microsoft® Office 365/2019: A Skills Approach also offers projects to allow students to practice their skills and receive immediate feedback via auto-grading within SIMnet, serving the diverse needs of students and accommodating individual learning styles.