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Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity

19th Edition

By: Conrad Kottak

© 2022

Published: March 01, 2021

Now in its 19th edition, Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity is an introduction to general (four-field) anthropology. It covers the four subfields - biological anthropology, anthropological archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology, as well as anthropology’s two dimensions: academic and applied anthropology. While presenting anthropology's core, the text also aims to demonstrate anthropology's relevance to the 21st-century world we inhabit. The subtitle of the text reflects its goal of instilling a sense of appreciation: (1) of human diversity, (2) of anthropology as a field, and (3) of how anthropology can build on, and help make sense of, the experience that students bring to the classroom. There is special coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on cultural behavior as well as updated consideration of race and ethnicity related to demographic shifts, and of gender fluidity.