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Microsoft Word 365 Complete: In Practice, 2019 Edition

1st Edition

By: Randy Nordell

© 2020

Published: August 06, 2019

Microsoft® Word 365/2019: In Practice offers a fresh approach to teaching today's students Microsoft® Word skills by clearly introducing skills in logical order: 1) Topic 2) Instruction and 3) Practice. Nordell's TIP approach builds a foundation for success by helping students apply what they learn, and provides transferable skills that allow students to grasp critical thinking beyond the textbook assignments. In Practice seamlessly integrates with SIMnet, McGraw-Hill Education's learning and assessment solution, which houses content to help students practice and master Microsoft® Word skills. In Practice auto-graded projects allow students to practice their skills in a live application, and upon completion receive immediate feedback and insights. The integration of the In Practice textbook series with SIMnet, helps meet the diverse needs of students and accommodate individual learning styles.