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Selling: Building Partnerships

10th Edition

By: Stephen Castleberry , John Tanner

© 2019

Published: February 09, 2018

Selling: Building Partnerships, Tenth Edition remains the most innovative textbook in sales, featuring distinct role-plays, mini-case studies, and a focus on knowledge and skills critical to the partnership process and successful business professionals. Emphasized throughout is the need for salespeople to be flexible and adapt strategies that address customer needs, buyer social styles, and other relationship needs and strategies. This approach is followed by a thorough discussion of the salesperson as manager and how planning and continual learning enable effective selling and career growth. The text's emphasis on value creation makes it applicable for students who may not be interested in a sales career. As has been true of every edition since the first, the integration of ethics continues to be emphasized. New to This Edition ● The textbook includes original examples written specifically for this edition. ● New chapter-opening profiles spotlight real salespeople. ● New Building Partnerships boxed features provide detailed examples for chapter material. ● Chapters have been updated with the latest academic and industry research in areas such as ethics, corporate culture, success characteristics, and job trends. ● New Sales Technology features appear in every chapter, illustrating the technology used as well as the challenges technology creates. The book also introduces the Internet of Things and examines its influence on repurchase behavior and customer relationships. ● All new From the Buyer's Seat boxed features aid future salespeople in understanding the buyer's point of view. ● New role-plays are included, featuring Purina ONE SmartBlend and Gartner Consulting. ● Each chapter includes a new or significantly revised minicase as well as favorite minicases from which instructors can select.