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Marketing Management

3rd Edition

By: Greg Marshall , Mark Johnston

© 2019

Published: February 06, 2018

Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston (both of Rollins College) have taken great effort to represent marketing management the way it is actually practiced in successful organizations today. The 3rd edition, written for today's students in an interesting, lively, professional tone, has received the exclusive endorsement of the American Marketing Association as the recommended key resources for the PCM exam. The content of the 3rd edition reflects the major trends in the managerial practice of marketing, and the pedagogy is crafted around learning and teaching preferences in today's classroom. The 14 chapter framework, available in both print and digital versions, is perfect for all course timetables and modalities. Marketing Management, 3e, also provides a fully-developed array of application activities both at the end o each chapter and in McGraw-Hill's CONNECT, along with marketing plan project suggestions.