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Business and Professional Communication

1st Edition

By: Kory Floyd , Peter Cardon

© 2020

Published: February 28, 2019

Students preparing to succeed in today’s workplace require solid training in communication skills and principles, as well as experience applying them in realistic professional contexts. Kory Floyd and Peter Cardon bring substantial and concrete business-world experience to bear in the text’s principles, examples, and activities and ensure that the theories, concepts, and skills most relevant to the communication discipline are fully represented and engaged. The result is a program that speaks student’s language and helps them understand and apply communication skills in their personal and professional lives. Occurring in every chapter, a feature called People First presents students with realistic scenarios that are sensitive, discomforting, or tricky to manage. It then teaches students how to navigate those situations effectively. This gives students concrete skills for preserving relationships with others as they encounter these difficult conversations. Unique to the market, this text includes a dedicated chapter focused on perspective-taking covering the processes of person-perception; common perceptual errors; the self-serving bias and the fundamental attribution error; the self-concept; and the processes of image management. This equips students to understand and pay attention to the perspectives of others. Also unique to the market, this text includes a dedicated chapter focused on career communication. This encourages students to engage in networking and to consider the priorities and points of view of others as they seek employment and interact professionally.