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A Writer's Resource 2021 MLA Update

6th Edition

By: Elaine Maimon , Kathleen Blake Yancey

© 2020

Published: August 25, 2021

With A Writer's Resource, writers learn to identify the fundamental elements of writing situations encountered across the curriculum and in a variety of disciplines - from research assignments to blog and social media posts. And with Connect Composition, instructors will find even more options for online assessment and reporting. - Power of Process guides students to see writing and reading as a recursive process by having them respond to instructor chosen strategies and questions. It is extremely flexible, providing instructors with the ability to add their own reading selections or choose from a bank of 80+ McGraw-Hill provided texts - LearnSmart Achieve assesses proficiencies using continuously adaptive technology in these course-critical: Writing Process, Critical Reading, Research Process, Reasoning and Argument, Grammar, Mechanics, Style, and Multilingual Writing. - Four years of access to Connect Composition also provides powerful reporting tools and an array of resources including Writing Assignments and an online eBook with ReadAnywhere app. These can be customized and assigned for assessment or study.