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Conéctate: Introductory Spanish

2nd Edition

By: Grant Goodall , Darcy Lear

© 2018

Published: January 09, 2017

The Story Conéctate is a fresh approach in every way. With its focus on the most critical language for communication, its active presentation of vocabulary and grammar, and its inclusion of real-world culture throughout, the program provides a unique framework for the Introductory Spanish course, with two separate but complementary goals in mind: learning to use the language and appreciating the world that it comes from. What makes Conéctate so unique? A focused approach: The tailored scope and sequence of Conéctate allows students to concentrate on what they can reasonably be expected to learn in an introductory course, allowing time for systematic review and recycling. This offers a solution to the Introductory Spanish programs that, in an effort to cover everything, include too much grammar and rush students through the curriculum without spending sufficient time for true learning or mastery. Active learning: Conéctate carefully balances a mix of inductive and explicit vocabulary and grammar presentations, applying the concept of desirable difficulty throughout. This leads students to discover and retain the language, and avoids the common type of presentations that only allow for passive learning. Integration of culture: Language is culture and culture is language. This central idea shapes the way culture is treated in Conéctate: not as something separate from the language acquisition process, but as something that is integral to the process. Students acquire cultural knowledge and understanding in a natural way as they learn how the language is used within the rich and diverse Spanish-speaking world.