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Ambientes Looseleaf

1st Edition

By: Michael Sawyer , Julie Stephens-deJonge

© 2018

Published: January 30, 2017

We all love stories. In Ambientes, students view, analyze, and converse about compelling stories and themes that organically emerge from the cortometrajes that serve as the foundation for every chapter. Highly contextualized grammar and language practice is presented in support of students’ pursuit to discuss and think critically about the stories told and the people who tell them. By focusing on the stories' visual narrative and authentic cultural contexts as a means to language practice and acquisition, students become engaged and active participants in their language-learning process. With highly interesting topics, consistent recycling of structures, and manageable groupings of thematic vocabulary, Ambientes unlocks each learner's potential and sets students up for success and engagement in the Intermediate Spanish course. Ambientes is designed for 1-semester Intermediate Spanish courses and is delivered to students in a loose-leaf format.