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Selling: Building Partnerships

11th Edition

By: Stephen Castleberry , John Tanner

© 2022

Published: February 01, 2021

Selling: Building Partnerships, 11e remains faithful to the original goal of the product since its first edition-- that instructors don’t want to teach the history of selling, rather they want their students to know how it is done. While many things have changed in sales, such as the changing roles for technology and the increased use of multichannel go-to-market strategies, students still need to practice their newly learned skills, make ethical choices, and adapt their skills to their audience. Selling; Building Partnerships addresses all of these with distinct roleplays, mini case studies, and current examples throughout. The products’ emphasis on value creation makes it appropriate not only for students pursuing a sales career, but also those who seek these skills for other roles in life and business. New to This Edition: • Brand new chapter opening profiles • Brand new From the Buyer’s Seat boxed items • Brand new Building Partnerships boxed items • Brand new Sales Technology boxed items • Brand new End-Of-Chapter Role Play Cases - while we continue to use Gartner as the company, the customers have all changed throughout