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Theories of Personality

10th Edition

By: Jess Feist , Gregory Feist

© 2021

Published: April 06, 2020

Theories of Personality provides a comprehensive foundation on the nature of personality theory, as well as its contributions to science. Coverage of each theory encompasses a biographical sketch of each theorist, related research, and applications to real life. Written by two preeminent psychology professors, Gregory J. Feist, and Tomi-Ann Roberts, this program is engaging and student-friendly introduction to Personality Psychology. The tenth edition provides new studies and sections on topics such as the importance of the internet and social media to various personality theories, content on real-ideal self-discrepancy as it relates to online gaming, and new information on changes in personality over time. The Connect course for this the tenth edition includes SmartBook, an adaptive reading and study experience which guides students to master, recall, and apply key concepts while providing automatically-graded assessments.