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Issues in Economics Today

9th Edition

By: Robert Guell

© 2021

Published: February 10, 2020

Guell's Issues in Economics Today brings economic theory to life by presenting current issues in an engaging, conversational style. The 9th edition is a practical and relevant introduction for first-year survey and issues students and upper-level policy students in other social sciences. Issues in Economics Today contains eight core theory chapters covering the essential tools of microeconomics and macroeconomics. With forty short issues chapters, instructors can select the issues of most interest to their students or create a thematic course using the correlation guide to structure the course around social policy, health and education policy, election year issues, international issues, or business issues. This format allows maximum flexibility for instructors to lay a foundation of theory first or dive right into coverage of today's current issues. Instructors looking to engage their students with relevant topics in survey courses will find it easy to present the essential theory in a way that leaves plenty of time for exciting applications. Guell's 9th edition provides content that is timely and relevant for students, yet flexible enough to fit any course design.