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3rd Edition

By: Dean Karlan , Jonathan Morduch

© 2021

Published: January 06, 2020

Improve YOUR world. Dean Karlan and Jonathan Morduch’s Economics 3e is built around the central concept that economics is a powerful and positive tool that students can use right now to improve their world. Economics uses examples and issues that resonate with students’ experience to draw them in and frame ideas to help develop their economic intuition. - Using a balanced approach, students are able to sharpen their own understanding of topics by focusing on the data and evidence behind the effects they see. Students are equipped to understand and respond to real-life situations thought their new economic lens and challenged to decided how they will improve their world. -The third edition delivers core economic concepts along with exciting new ideas in economic though and strives to keep students engaged by confronting issues that are important in the world -This text combines a familiar curriculum with material from new research and applied areas such as finance, behavioral economics, and the political economy. Students and faculty will find content that breaks down barriers between what takes place in the classroom and what happens in our nation and our world, with applications that are driven by empirical evidence, data, and research. - Karlan and Morduch show students that economics is a tool to improve one'sown life and promote better public and business policies in the world. At the same time, this third edition challenges students to reach their own conclusions about how they will improve their world.