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Essentials of Contemporary Management

9th Edition

By: Gareth Jones , Jennifer George

© 2021

Published: January 15, 2020

Jones and George’s, Essentials of Contemporary Management, Ninth Edition, provides the most current,concise account of changes taking place in the world of management and management practices while making the text relevant and interesting to students. It mirrors the changes taking place in today's management practice by incorporating recent developments in management theory and research. This text also provides vivid,current examples of how managers of companies, large and small, address the challenges and opportunities they face and how they can effectively meet them.A hallmark of this text is how the authors infuse real managers who seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and effectively manage and lead their organizations in their Manager as a Person feature, allowing students to see real-life management in action. Central to the books’ approach,boxed material is seamlessly integrated into the text and an integral part of the learning experience; it is not disembodied from the chapter narrative.