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Organizational Behavior and Management

12th Edition

By: Robert Konopaske , John Ivancevich , Michael Matteson

© 2023

Published: January 26, 2022

"Reading this new edition of Organizational Behavior and Management, students become involved participants in learning about behavior and management. The 12th edition combines text, self-learning exercises, group participation exercises, and cases. These elements are directed at students interested in attempting to predict the behavior of people working in organizations. Organizational functioning is complex. This edition devotes attention to encouraging the development of these probing and diagnostic skills. The first step in this development is for each reader to increase his or her own self-awareness. Fundamental themes are woven throughout the book, including globalization, managing diversity and demographic changes, technological changes, ethics and social responsibility. These themes are consistent with the recommendations for balanced subject matter coverage made by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business/International Association for Management Education."