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American Democracy Now

7th Edition

By: Brigid Harrison , Jean Harris , Michelle Deardorff

© 2022

Published: February 11, 2021

American Politics is at a crossroads as technologies have impacted political processes and citizen participation. American Democracy Now meets students where they are through the author’s unique Then/Now/Next paradigm, showing students how today is relevant to the past, and incites their thinking of the future developing key critical thinking skills. It’s forward-looking vision, built on traditional concepts, puts students at the center of American Politics featuring a unique chapter on Politics & Technology; an important tool for citizen engagement of today; and examines technology & its impact on the political process and participation. It is the only text to feature an annotated constitution—strengthening the competence of tomorrow’s political thinkers, while lends coverage to important teachable movements in these politically volatile times. Improve Student Outcomes—Connect American Government features high-quality curated application-based activities and instructor resources all in one place—saving time for development of a high-quality course for delivery. Instructors are given greater flexibility and control through auto-graded assignments and quizzes. Robust analytics award actionable insights to know which students need more guidance or which topics should be reviewed again during lecture to improv4e student outcomes and course goals. Enhance your Teaching—The authors methodically revised the text while develop instructor supplements to accommodate this new paradigm of teaching. This edition features high-quality content backed by advanced technology and learning science for you to achieve the highest outcomes for your course. Accessible to All—This text has moved toward tighter compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and provides students the opportunity to learn regardless of learning style or disability.